Panoramic sea view and
Pleistos valley

The panoramic sea view and the olive groves of Pleistos valley become our guests’ daily background, embracing them into the splendour of Delphi and all the archaeological wealth of the surrounding area.
Together with superior gastronomy and warm hospitality, Fedriades Delphi Hotel promises a unique stay experience.

front view of Fedriades

At the Navel of the Earth   


Delphi is considered to be the most spiritual and mystical location of Greece, and perhaps of the entire world.

Things to do

The wider area of Delphi is a whole world waiting to be explored. The actual ancient site of Delphi is bound to mesmerise all visitors.
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The Fedriades Delphi Hotel provides 9 types of rooms that perfectly meet the desires and requirements of each guest. Experience a unique sense of hospitality.


The Epikouros Restaurant, will take you on a memorable culinary journey made of incredible views combined with impeccable flavours.

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Fedriades Delphi Hotel, 46 V. Pavlou and Friderikis Str., 33054, Delphi, Greece
Tel: +30 22650 82 370, Fax: +30 22650 83 088, Email: info@fedriades.com